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Sales & Purchase Broker - Athenian Shipbrokers

October 2018 - November 2019


My roles and responsibilities as an S&P Broker include, but are not limited to:
•Generating Weekly Demolition Reports
•Generating Monthly Market Reports

•Evaluating market levels

•Generating new clientelle

•Negotiating deals between clients

•Specialized in Dry/Tank/LPG/RoRo/Passenger/Tug Vessels



Chartering/Operations Apprentice - Bariba Corporation

April-September 2013 , 2014


My key roles and responsibilities during this Internship included:
•Getting a first-hand experience at trading and charter party negotiations.
•Evaluating market trends and proposing my analysis of such trends.
•Developing the main body of the firm's website after understanding intricately the offerings provided by the firm.
•Seeking and evaluating market tonnage required for cargoes,and ensuring operations run as planned.
•Analyzing fleet scheduling opportunities and ways to improve vessels positions, thereby improving the firm’s operational efficiency.
•Engaging in trading above current market possibilities, and consistently finding ways to improve the firms’s position in the market.
•Familiarising myself with basic vessel specifics, and understanding the fundamentals that make up the business.
•Inspecting a vessel in Nantong, China prior to purchase, thereby absorbing knowledge on procurement operations.
•Visiting further shipyards to evaluate possibility of newbuilds, and expansion opportunities of the firm.



IT Department Junior - Marfin Egnatia Bank

June-August 2010 , 2012


My role in the IT Department would later shape my love for technology and how lives can be further improved with new developments in the sphere.

My key roles and responsibilities included:
•Workstation setup.
•Hardware and software replacement.
•Setting up information systems.
•Managing firewall connections and boosting security integrity of IT systems.
•Providing support to employees through short seminars.

Associate Business Consultant - Grant Thornton Greece      September 2016 - January 2017


Some of my responsibilities while being a Business Consultant involved: 

•Participating in a wide range of internal audit and advisory projects
•Maintaining a good working relationship with clients and working effectively with client management and staff at all levels to gather information
•Working closely with Grant Thornton managers and partners to promptly identify and resolve client problems or issues
•Communicating internally with all levels within the organization to successfully accomplish objectives, while portraying knowledge and confidence according to the company’s standards
•Adhering to the highest degree of professional standards and strict client confidentiality



Sales & Purchase Broker - G. Moundreas & Co.

November 2019 - Ongoing


My roles and responsibilities as an S&P Broker include, but are not limited to:

•Generating new clientele

•Negotiating deals between clients

•Producing Weekly Demolition Reports

•Sourcing Financing for Clients






Research / Writing

Social Media

Statistical Analysis

Web Design

Microsoft Office







Hult International Business School

Masters in International Business / Trade

September 2015- August 2016


• Granted a scholarship based on academic and professional achievements
• Proved record of academic excellence
• Worked with people from over 50 countries and always received "high pass" grade on all peer evaluations
• Received Award by Volkswagen USA for ranking #1 on their Action Project

Courses of focus include:

  • Financial / Global Management

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Global Economics

  • Strategy / Operations & IT

  • Marketing

  • Accounting

University of Westminster

September 2012 - June 2015


Courses of focus include:

  • Applied Economics

  • Economics, Information and the Internet

  • Financial & Human Resource Management in Organisations

  • Business Innovation in Digital Economies

  • Online Social Entrepreneurship

  • PR & Sales Promotion

  • Project Management

  • Principles of Marketing

  • Value Creation for Customers

  • Cultural Differences & People Management


Doukas school 

September 2009 -  May 2012


Courses Include:

  • Economics HL

  • English HL

  • Greek HL

  • Mathematics SL

  • Biology SL

  • Italian ab Initio SL


Arsakeio School

September 2004 -  May 2009


Courses of focus Include:

  • Mathematics

  • Ancient Literature / History

  • Ancient Greek

  • Biology

  • Physics

  • IT Studies

  • Economics

Dolphin Habitat Assistant - Attica Zoological Park

June- July 2014


Being able to care for animals, their well being and their natural habitat, and having a chance to pursue my passion in scuba diving concurrently; I immediately jumped on the chance to be able to take care and monitor the dolphins in the zoo; as well as maintain their habitat.



Volunteer - Hellenic Ornithological Society 

September 2010 -  May 2012


As a Volunteer for the Society; I had the chance to care for nature next to other like-minded individuals to care for these species which are being endangered.


 My roles and activities conducted during my volunteering included:

• Observing and counting wild birds

• Measuring the effects of pollution in Athens and the suburbs in regards to the birds health; and conveying my knowledge to the stakeholders involved

• Monitor birds’ natural habitats, and find out if there are any ill components in their environment that might be adversely threatening their survival


Assistant Instructor Volunteer - Projects Abroad Ghana
June 2011


My role in this organization which was located in Ghana, Africa was to assist the Teacher of an elementary school with educating young children living in poverty in English and Math, as well as to build a new classroom for young children to provide further education.

Being able to surround myself with these less fortunate children opened my eyes to the need for help around the world - especially to build products and services that might better their lives at the very least. This would inspire me in my interest towards entrepreneurship.



Volunteer - Floga

June 2009 - June 2011


Children with neoplastic disease have been suffering with no economic help. Thus my role in this institute was to:

• Support psychologically children 3-18 years old whom were affected by assisting with their everyday needs and providing support to the organisation wherever possible

• Play a key role in the reintegration to social life of young individuals; whom have been adversely affected by the disease

• Engage in active discussions with teenagers and their worries, providing advice wherever necessary


Volunteer- Marfin Popular Bank

December 2011


•I assisted in the Bank’s outreach campaign, to educate the public about various issues regarding children with special needs

•I actively promoted fundraising for the drive through selling “lottery" coupons for supporting various institutions and voluntary organisations which aid people with disabilities

•Sold donated volunteers’ items to raise funds to donate to collaborating charity associations.

Commercial Risks in Shipping
Lloyds Maritime Academy - February 2016
Lean Management
Simplilearn - January 2016
Food & Beverage Management
Universita Bocconi - November 2015
Swift Programming
University of Toronto - November 2015
Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies
Case Western Reserve University - November 2015
Google - June 2016
Google - June 2016
Music Business Foundations
Berklee College of Music - April 2016
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