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a bit about me:

Being a graduate from one of the top culturally diverse universities worldwide, I have been exposed to the many workings of successful and not so successful businesses, understanding intricately why they succeed and why they fail at times.

My experience in Shipping and IT have also given me the opportunity to be a part of actual businesses and understand how they operate, and how they see the world. I would say that in terms of business, product development and marketing excites me the most. Generating ideas and being able to put them to test in order to enhance people’s lives, and to educate them why so, is something extremely satisfying for me as i consider myself creative, driven and motivated, while also being a good listener / planner and also communicate my concerns. I believe these traits along with my skills in statistical analysis as well as research and social media tools have helped me shape my professional capacity and are important tools for my ongoing progress.

If you take an interest to what I do, or wish to discuss business or other opportunities with me, please get in touch.

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